Why TiddlyJam?

13th March, 2021

Why does this exist? Why did someone feel the need to make another static website generator?

I started using TiddlyWiki more than 5 years back as a note-keeping device. I found myself enamoured (still am) by its elegance (its a quine!).

In 2020, during the lockdowns, I wanted to create a website/blog for myself and thought - TiddlyWiki has a great templating engine - why not create one using that? Thanks to several great resources like the Tiddlywiki Google group, https://www.didaxy.com/ and https://nesslabs.com/, I was able to create my website at https://adithyab.in in a fairly short time.

Keeping with the spirit of TiddlyWiki, I am open-sourcing my work in TiddlyJam. Now, its yours too :)

- Adithya